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Welcome to Veda Pile Foundation


A legacy of quality : Veda Pile Foundation (VPF), a five year old organisation was started by Mr.Vedahalam who has nearly 25 years of hard core experience in managing all types of pile foundation projects.

The most recognised name in pile foundation, VPF stands as the stylish, forward thinking leader with human-centred approach to business. VPF continues to be synonymous with piling jobs because of its innovative approach to quality in service. VPF helps make stronger and robust structures with their dedicated team of specialists who follow stringent quality standards.

The organisation follows scientific principles in HR and resource management and has exclusive Heads for quality, safety, planning & customer relations. The rich resources are exhbited at the appropriate places in the brochure.

Our Services

Image 01 Load Testing

Piles can be arranged in a number of ways so that they

Image 02 Driven Piles

driven piles are installed by driving a casing pipe whose outer

Image 06 Pre-cast Driven Concrete Pile

In the case of pre-cast driven pile, the piles are cast

Our Services

Image 04Under Ream Piles

Foundations of towers, poles and chimneys, etc. are generally.

Image 06Bored Piles

the bore is made by drilling the ground using a mechanically operated

Image 06Marine & Off-Shore Piling

In the case of pre-cast driven pile

Our Clients

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